The name of the project comes from Ancient Greek «Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ» by Heraclitus, which literally translates to everything flows. Everything Flows is an interactive digital space, for creative practitioners to connect, interact and co-create with members of the public. Conceived by Xarkis, NGO in response to the Covid crisis, it aims to tackle some of its consequences on the cultural sector. We envision this becoming a virtual community and support system, ensuring a safety-net for cultural workers, even in times of crises.

Everything flows is essentially a gesture of hope and support, realized through a digital network.

In the past period, we have built an accessible, interactive digital space, first launched with a Multi-residency programme for artists and designers. In this context, participants had the support of curators and coordinators to prepare projects that will be showcased live in our online Festival. We have invited residents to engage online with communities and create site-specific works that are informed by the site in which they were working. Participants were called to explore the aforementioned theme in a material or an immaterial sense, in fluid and malleable ways, and to express their own understanding and interpretation of everything being in a state of flow.

In the spirit of these ideas, we invite you to participate in an active process of meaning-making around the topic of Everything Flows by participating in the workshops, contributing to discussions, and enjoying the performances of the first edition of the Everything Flows Online Art Festival from the 26th-29th of November 2020.