Jānis Garančs

Ephemeral Cartographies: re-mappings of the glocalized values in flow

Various numeric values from different sources (statistics, online trading, newsfeeds, etc) are visualised and sonified in a pulsating abstract landscape, that both brutally and poetically reflect the manifestations of globalization into ‘the local’. This project is an interactive audiovisual artwork, presented in video stream as live online performance.

Max Tobin & George Demetriou


PREMIERE: Join the live premiere of ‘MOUNTAIN YEARS’ – a virtual space created by musician George Demetriou and filmmaker Max Tobin, featuring three audio-visual experiences focused on humanising natural phenomena in times of shared struggle.

DISCUSSION: A 30 minute discussion of the ‘MOUNTAIN YEARS’ project – ask questions and share your own thoughts and feelings about collaboration and creation during the current climate.

LIVE PERFORMANCE: George Demetriou performs his sampled music live with dancer Ioli Kaskani.

Patrícia Harsány

Wearable Surroundings

Jewellery as Food? Everyday object? Liquid? Join the live Wearable Surroundings Jewellery show and watch how these different materials are taking a shape on the human body.

Look at the objects you find in your home. How do you feel about them? Do they only have one meaning or maybe they can assume different meanings? Could a bulb be a pearl? Give a new sense to your objects and compose a piece of jewellery.

Choose 20 objects from your home and start to think about how you could transform them into a piece of jewellery and expose it to the community of Everything Flows Art Festival.

EXHIBITION: Each person’s piece or working method will be visible on EF platform.

Lefki Savvidou

DISCUSSION: A 40min-1h open discussion on perception and reality.

This project focuses on the multiple realities in which things can exist when viewed from different perspectives. Deconstructing forms to regenerate them in an entirely different format and context. Searching and creating the parallel realities in which things can exist in.


Listen, exhibition

We’ve been experimenting with the idea of audio-exhibition and will be sharing our work in progress, looking forward to what you might have to say about it!

Space is an essential aspect of an exhibition. But can it be transferred through sound, can audio alone create spatial experience and convey a narrative? Can audio-exhibition create embodied experience? Is audio-exhibition even possible, what could it be in relation to other audio formats like podcast, sound-work, radio-play?
We have embarked an exploration what would that mean to translate exhibition from the physical space to the space of imaginary, triggered by audio only. We have begun to learn from people for whom the visual is not the main sense of perception of the world.
The idea stems from a recent exhibition we created on counting-out rhymes, collected in the WWII refugee camps. This exhibition deals with rhymes – created, used and “transmitted” intergenerationally as a spoken word, it feels like a good fit to be translated into spatial audio-experience.

On Friday, November 27th 6pm we invite you to listen into our research and let’s talk afterwards.
Bring your headphones!

Marita Anastasi

Zoom Project

Marita presents an extension of the Zoom Project; A collective of performers, musicians, directors and editors based in various countries around the world. By overcoming geographic impossibilities the digitalize choreographed and pedestrian movement and eternalize the ephemeral in the digital abyss of the 21st century.

VIDEOS: To start with, a series of short videos will be released on Marita’s profile. The content of the video will reflect on the theme of finding physical presence in an ever-increasing world. All of the content will be expanded on and explained by Marita during the workshop she will give on Friday, 27th of November, 17:00-17:30, titled: ‘Finding physical presence through the digital world’.

How do we sense our physical presence in an ever-increasing digital world? How does our body remain active during a storm of Zoom meetings? How do we remain connected to the physical world that surrounds us? This will be a 60-minute workshop for everyone, regardless of previous movement experience background. Our community will come together to discuss the impact of rapid digitalization on our bodies, and to discover movement techniques through which we can stay connected and present with our physical self.

PERFORMANCE: This will be followed by a home-made DIY performance about being present, about knowing where you are, about experiencing the space around you, about contrasting the digital to the physical and then to the digital – again-. Saturday, 28th of November 20:00 – 21:00.

OPEN JAM: Marita will finish with an open call where anyone can join and move along! Open to dancers and non-dancers alike. This is an opportunity to join our Zoom call and move with us and the music. A digital dance party! Sunday, 29th of November between 10:00-10:30.

Louiza Vradi

Terrae Incognitae

Join the presentation of Terrae Incognitae, a mixed media project created by Louiza Vradi around the theme of movement at Everything Flows Festival’s platform.

A 45 minutes open discussion with the artist and the participants along with Q&A from the public.

Terrae incognitae is a project about the theme of movement. It is a reference on the physical and metaphorical paths in which we navigate and the relationship between routes and identity. The work is a mixed media project that contains a collaborative textile piece created with women from different parts of the world who now live in Greece. Each of them shares the path that she/they originally had to cross to reach Greece. The paths from all the women are afterwards embroidered on a large fabric.

Moving around the world is an omnipresent reality in our history of existence and most importantly it is always fluid and ever-changing. The history of human civilization has been shaped by the ever-changing migratory routes. The work is also a reference to the current reality that we are living in, regarding human displacement due to climate change, instability and unrest.

Embroidery is a medium intertwined mostly with femininity over time. Stitching has been considered as a feminine domestic art. In addition to evoking a personal connection to history, a piece of embroidery can reveal information about the social status, politics, identity, community, and even the personal experiences of the creator. It was used both to reinforce ideas of femininity and domesticity but also to challenge the same notions. Embroidery can be considered as a double-edged needle.

Finally, the work aims to create a collective memory archive around the theme of contemporary moving. Although what each of the women narrates is very different, it is also very similar.

Damianos Zisimou

‘Happy games, happy days’

The on-going project for the ‘Everything flows’ residency explores digital photographic archives, the influence the digital environment has on their perception and the formation of involuntary narratives. The artist examines a participatory Facebook group with old photos of Nicosia. Photographs from family archives, portraying groups of people both in formal and informal situations were decided to be examined more closely. Following the presentation format of Facebook, the artist focuses his attention to body language and gestures as he tries to stimulate involuntary narratives to appear and then become subject to open interpretations. The project aims to stimulate dialogue about archives, the lack of fixed meaning and the countless readings archival material encloses.

Discussion: Everyone interested in archives, photographs and art are invited to an open discussion inspired by the work in progress ‘ Happy games, happy days’ by Damianos Zisimou. The work explores digital photographic archives and the influence the digital environment has on their perception and formation of involuntary narratives. This will be taken as a starting point for a discussion about online photographic archives, their perception, the influence of social media in remembering the past, the involuntary narratives hidden in the photographs and the role of the artists in the archival process.

Workshop: Join us for a workshop inspired by the work in progress ‘Happy games, happy days’, developed during the ‘Everything Flows’ residency. During the workshop, we will engage in a conversation around digital photographic archives, perceptions and involuntary stories. We will explore how old photographs are perceived in digital media and how new stories can arise from photographs by just learning to observe them differently.

Pola Hadjipapa

Presentation & Workshop

Pola Hadjipapa will present her ongoing exploration of the Old town of Nicosia. Her research has taken the form of running through the town’s streets, and to assign herself different tasks and tools to discover hidden stories and surprises along the way.

As a long-distance runner and a visual artist, the new reality of a lock-down and the pandemic allowed her to focus more on her close environment, the walled city of Nicosia. During the Everything Flows Residency she used her runs to document and trace these journeys with photos, writing, sound and also painting afterwards in her studio. Due to the covid restrictions, accessing the northern part of Nicosia -which is still a divided city- has limited her research to the southern part of the town where
she resides.

At the end of the presentation, Pola will invite participants to go on their discovery walk (or run) later in the day on their own and in their environment. They will be given a choice of tasks to follow and also collect materials such as photos, stories, notes, objects, drawings or sounds that will be shared and discussed the next day.

Participants are asked to share their experiences and their finds from the exploration of their environment and thus create a “gallery of walking/or running finds”. Anyone can join to view and discuss the outcome of the workshop.

Marcos Shukuroglou & Yiannis Constantinou

Cape Agulhas – The coherence of two limits

The duo will virtually share a composition, a discussion and live-performance, capturing their experimentations inspired by sounds of their near vicinity, and by their participation in Xarkis’ Everything Flows residency programme. ‘Cape Agulhas – The coherence of two limits’ is a project that involves a permanent composition, an extended discourse with the audience and a live performance. Their project displays the act of co-composing through two different sonic environments using online communication; Modular synthesis and the Cello will be the instrumentation in both their composition and performance