is a new digital
interactive platform

The name of the project comes from Ancient Greek «Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ» by Heraclitus, which literally translates to everything flows.

Conceptualized as a result of the lockdown imposed with the Covid-19 pandemic, our vision is to build an interactive Arts Residency & Festival leading to a multi-layered digital platform.

In this new European network, creative practitioners will connect, interact and co-create with like-minded professionals, in a novel digital space.

Through the emerging partnerships, we aim to encourage the revival of the cultural sector whilst maintaining a dignified life for those who work within it. We envision this becoming a virtual community and support system, ensuring a safety-net for cultural workers, even in times of crises.

The digital platform will include a collaboration portal with:

  • a multi-residency program leading to a live transdisciplinary arts Festival (inspired by the methodologies used in our annual Xarkis Festival, featuring workshops, performances, interventions and more).
  • a database with online exhibition outputs, including experiments, processes and results from each participation.


As a team of nomadic millennials engaged with cultural activism (see xarkis.org), we likewise believe that nothing is static. Everything changes in time and, to add to Heraclitus’ saying, by being responsive to situations as they come along.

In this view, we have been reflecting on our own duty in terms of maintaining the flow: work, life, balance and our contribution to society.

With this approach, we aim to reverse some of the consequences of crises, transforming them into opportunities to develop social cohesion, resilience and sustainability, via alternative forms of expression.

Everything flows is essentially a gesture of hope and support, realized through a digital network.


We are living in unprecedented times with the core support pillars for culture often being threatened, and in some cases being completely eliminated. In these difficult times, we are called to maintain cultural productivity.

As a Cyprus-based cultural organization, we are directly experiencing these effects, since we represent one of the regions where there is little emergency funding made available for most
individuals, teams and small organizations working in the cultural sector.

If left unaddressed, this issue can have a detrimental impact on the well-being and sustainability of all that constitutes cultural life, which contradicts the invaluable contribution of culture to society.

Considering that the cultural sector is significantly affected by the global crisis and at the same time guided by movements of solidarity, cooperation and visioning, we are building a digital platform, to develop an empowering network for practitioners in a shared, safe space.

The innovation behind our platform lies in the medium proposed and in the opportunities offered within. These will allow participants to exchange know-how, experiment and grow, whilst adapting to current challenges posed by crises, through the development of new skills and capacity building (i.e. in digital exhibition setups, online curation, scrolly-telling etc).


Cyprus is in essence isolated from Europe and does not have enough access to cultural opportunities, especially in emergency situations. Perhaps more than ever before, this crisis is a reminder that we are all connected and that our problems are shared. And even though we are far apart, we see moments of global unity.

Our belief is that we need to change some of the systems that pervade us, and design new conditions to co-exist and continue our work.

Leveraging the values of socially engaged design to address complex challenges, our goal is to offer an alternative cultural platform that is comprehensive and highly participatory. We believe that our proposal will facilitate access to such opportunities and increase interaction between European cultural actors.

In doing so, we help put Cyprus on the map of cultural Europe, whilst illuminating Cypriot cultural work and connecting it with other European efforts.

Moreover, no such initiative exists in our local context, and based on our research there is no EU-wide initiative which synthesizes all the above proposed elements in one shared, digital space. As such, this project will offer new work opportunities with a high potential for innovation and positive social impact.


We are building an accessible, interactive digital space, to be launched with a Multi-residency programme for artists and designers. In this context, participants will have the support of curators and coordinators to prepare projects that will be showcased live in the Festival to follow. The project will encourage the participation of cultural actors from multiple theory and practice backgrounds in ambitious projects as a means of continuing to work, exchange good practices and spread positive messages.

This project will have a strong European dimension, to generate a network of solidarity between different European countries.


Drawing on our approach, the novelty of Everything Flows lies in cross-fertilizing cultural actors’ work that emerges through nonconventional, cross-sectoral collaborations. These collaborations focus on the exchange of knowhow and skills, as well as on experimentation, thus contributing to capacity building and development of new/existing skills.

The platform will be the starting node of multiple alliances that explore synergies between sectors. To start with, we will hone synergies between cultural workers and citizens exploring socially engaged arts practises aiming towards social change in their own context and based on their work in the realm of culture and the commons.


In the spirit of these ideas, we invite application submissions which inspire an active process of meaning-making around the topic of Everything Flows, leading to dynamic and transformative works between people from a range of disciplinary, professional, educational and geographical backgrounds.

We invite residents to engage online with communities and create site-specific works that are informed by the site in which they will be working in.

You are called to explore the aforementioned theme in a material or an immaterial sense, in fluid and malleable ways, and to express your own understanding and interpretation of everything being in a state of flow.

Moreover, aspiring residents are called to propose projects that focus on the creation of an interactive and participatory digital experience, with members of local communities. The task is to think of innovative ways to interact with cultural agents across Europe, whilst encouraging transnational cultural exchanges.

Practitioners from any of the following backgrounds (and not only) are encouraged to apply:

  • Design (social design, service design, design activism, co-design, graphic/communication design, product/industrial design, architecture, sustainable design, innovation design, motion design, interactive design, animation, communication design)
  • Music (performance, composition, sound art, musicology)
  • Performing arts (performance art, theatre, dance etc)
  • Visual arts (socially engaged art, digital arts, painting, drawing, mixed-media, photography, film, video art, visual anthropology, sculpture, installation, scenography, craft-making etc).

*Please note that a limited number of residencies is available. Priority will be given to applicants with experience in community-oriented and socially engaged creative practices.

Proposed initiatives that will be prepared and shared live online during the Residency days with final outcomes during the Festival, can take the form of:

  • Music/sound performance
  • Interactive sound installation
  • Design/performance/music/sound artworkshops / webinars
  • Performance art
  • Visual art
  • Experiential dance performance
  • Webinars (i.e. digital tools training)
  • Workshops
  • Digital tools training seminars for online exhibition
  • Digital storytelling / scrollytelling
  • Video art
  • Film
  • Animation
  • Exhibition

Individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

You are also welcome to apply with a transdisciplinary project. In this case, you are called to specify which disciplines come together through your piece of work.

*In terms of geographical locations, our open call targets regions on the periphery of Europe including Cyprus, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Malta, Iceland, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia and Croatia.

Creative practitioners from any of the above disciplines and locations are encouraged to participate with proposals and marry practices with other sectors, encouraging new alliances.

Our approach involves the application of our organisation’s matchmaking mechanism, (see Xarkis) which nurtures collaborations between creative practitioners, educators and citizens from diverse educational, disciplinary, professional, generational and ethnic backgrounds.

We ask for interested participants to apply via our online portal and write in English, in a language that is suitable for a general audience:

  • The title of your proposed participation
  • A brief biography (150 words max)
  • A synopsis of the proposed initiative (150 words max)
  • An explanation of your proposed method/approach (max 150 words)
  • Links to your website and / portfolio.
  • An explanation of how you intend to use the platform as a way to present your work and how you imagine doing this (max 150 words)
  • A proposal on how you will engage with online communities during the residency and during the festival (max 150 words)
  • A 30-word synopsis and 30-word bio for social media dissemination (max 60 words)

Please include a subject line as follows:
Your Full Name_Surname_Discipline_Type of activity_

I.e. Marion_Sky_Music_Workshop or Joe_Bouvoir_ Design_Installation etc and 3-4 related examples from your work/work in progress (in JPEG, and/audio formats wherever applicable) with captions, attached as a single PDF.


Deadline to apply: 23rd of October, 2020.

Starting day of Residency & Introduction: 30th of October, 2020.

*Shortlisted residents may be called to participate in an interview.

*Residents will be called to participate in online group meetings and share work-in-progress every Wednesday for the entire duration of the Residency.

Everything Flows Arts Festival: 26th of November – 29th of November, 2020.


  • 400 EUR stipend for your participation (either with an individual and / team participation)
  • Residency support during group meetings and feedback sessions
  • Social media visibility


    is a new digital
    interactive platform

    Where are you based? (for individual applications)

    Where are you based? (for group applications)


    Brief biography (150 words max)

    Synopsis of the proposed initiative (150 words max)

    An explanation of your proposed method/approach (150 words max)

    Links to your website and / portfolio.

    Explanation of how you intend to use the platform as a way to present your work and how you imagine doing this (150 words max)

    Proposal on how you will engage with online communities during the residency and during the festival (150 words max)

    A 30-word synopsis and 30-word bio for social media dissemination (max 60 words)

    Examples from your work (max file size 8MB)

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